Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taking a Copic Poll

Good Morning Everyone!!  

I'm considering not listing the Copic Markers that I use with each of my projects. It's time consuming, but I don't mind if I know that it's something that the majority of you appreciate. I know that when I first began to use Copic's and even now when I see a beautifully colored image I look to see what colors they used. Sometimes I've found some of my favorite blending colors this way.

So do me a favor and cast a vote as to whether you would like for me to continue. I'll leave the poll up until September 30th and let the majority rule!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Wendy,

Good thing you do a poll for this, but please also decide yourself if you find it too time-cosuming or not. I finf it useful, I actually used it to make a wishlist for myself for colors and ordered them on Ebay some time ago. But if it's too much work, maybe for some projects? But I do like it!


Paula said...

It's certainly useful in terms of seeing what to blend but ultimately you have very much to do so if it is too time consuming let it go rather than get behind with more important things.
Paula (PEP)

Kerri said...

Another option is to gather them all up and take a picture. That would probably take less time... If anyone had a question about a color they could just ask:)

Kate said...

I agree with Kerri. If somebody would like to know, then they can ask. I don't colour (although I have tried!) so really don't read that information as it doesn't apply to me. I just like to drool over your wonderful creations!!

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