Monday, September 6, 2010

Blog Award!!

I received this award from my very funny blogging buddy Faye.  If you've never been to Faye's blog, you really must go for a visit.  Her posts give me a giggle every time not to mention her creations are just beautiful!!  Thank you so much Faye for thinking of me!!  :)

I'm also suppose to tell you 3 things about myself:

**  I'm addicted to making lists.  To Do Lists -  To Buy Lists -
Lists of my Lists.  I LOVE checking things off lists.  LOL

**  I'm a speed reader and I LOVE reading!!

**  I hate taking medicine and will suffer rather than take something.

Pass it on to 5 People

Post my favorite photo

Thanks for stopping by!!



Anonymous said...

I'm a list maker too!! And #3 applies to me as well, but #2...not so much. I'm a slow reader, but I do read. Cute your cards too!

Kerri said...

Adorable picture!!! I can't wait for pumpkin patches :):):) I love fall! Thank you for the award girl! I will try to get it posted later today:)

Faye said...

This is a lovely post and it's so fun to learn more about you. xx

~Jeri~ said...

Congrats on your lovely award Wendy!! You totally deserve it! We definitely have the list making in common..I don't think I could go day to day without a list of some sort lol Love the photo also! How deep in thought he looks!

Paula said...

Thanks for this Wendy - am just getting the hang of what to do with these awards.
Love your photo & I'm a lister too.
Paula (PEP)

Kate said...

Congratulations - and thank you so much, Wendy! I am just so touched that you would include me in your list of five. I'm a huge fan of lists as well. I couldn't live without my lists!

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