Sunday, March 17, 2013

Girls Getaway!!

Last week I had the time of my life hosting a girls getaway week at my home with 8 of my girlfriends whom happen to live all over the country as well as Canada!!   My mom watched the kiddo's for me and my hubby took the week off to be our chef, bartender,  chauffeur, and basically our slave sweetheart who catered to our every whim.  :)   I honestly couldn't have done this without him!!  xoxo  

Here's a little peek at the guest/gift baskets I had put together for everyone.  It included liquor, stamps, dies and sunscreen...just a few essentials that we would need to get us through the week.  ;)

Our first day together started out with just a few of us.  
Jenny Peterson, Kim O'Connell and I spent an afternoon at Islands of Adventure/Universal Studios.  
As it turns out, only Kim was the true roller coaster rider...Jenny called it quits after the Cat in the Hat and I turned a few shades of green myself after riding the Hulk.   
Even so, it was still the BEST. DAY. EVER!!
During the day we would hang out by the pool, do a little stamping, go to the movies and do a little shopping.  And at night we'd have drinks and sit out by the fire pit and laugh our butts off.  Below is a photo from the night we went out for dinner and drinks at Margaritaville.  BEST. NIGHT. EVER!!

One next afternoon we had lunch and visited the My Favorite Things Boutique...a lot of damage was done to our wallets that afternoon.  ;)

 These chicks are not just my stamping buddies but they are also my dearest real life friends...and I love every single one of them to pieces!!  We had so much fun together and are already talking about making this a bi-annual event.  We just miss each other too much to only see each other once a year!!   

Thanks for stopping by!!


Julie D. Richards said...

You gals look like you had the time of your lives. That's so awesome to see.

Ann Marie Governale said...

I am soo jealous.. how wonderful for all of you to get away and be just "girls".. love it.. thanks for sharing! xxx Ann Marie

Shannon White said...

OMGosh!! You guys look like you had Sooo much fun!! 8-) I have been loving all the pics of your adventures You and Kim have been posting on FB!! :-)


Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

What a wonderful holiday full of friends and fun! Your hubby is so awesome for helping entertain a house full of crazy fun stamping women! Fabulous photos! TFS! xoxoxo

FitXmom said...

Amazing time, ladies!! Looks like fun!! :)

Shelby Goolsby said...

Wow that must have been so much fun!! It is so cool that you all get to meet in person and what a wonderful husband you have.

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carole (TruCarMa) said...

Oh-what-fun!!! Glad you had such a great time with such a great group of ladies! Stamping friends are the best. :)

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