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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sharing Christmas Photo's & Awards

Good Morning!! Sorry, no card today but sit back and get ready for a really long post.

I'm a little late doing this but wanted to share some of my favorite photo's from Christmas. The babies are at that perfect age that brings the magic of Christmas alive!! I want to always remember that Brooke says, "Kwiss Kwiss" instead of "Christmas" and that Nathan holding up two little fingers asked on the way to see Santa if it would be rude to ask for two things? (So sweet that remembering it makes my heart so happy I want to cry!!)

I also started a new tradition this year that made everyday so exciting for them...and me too!! :) I bought chair backers from Pottery Barn that have their names embroidered on them. They look like old fashioned mailboxes. Starting Dec. 1st I would but little coupons and candy inside for each of them. The coupons would be for a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows or for and extra bedtime story...stuff like that. The second they woke up each morning they would run to their chairs to "check their mail" and see what Santa's elves had delivered.   I don't have a picture of ours handy to show you what they look like but here are the one's I bought from Pottery Barn.

I plan to do the same thing for Valentines this year.   

Here's a little slideshow of a few of my favorite Christmas photos
If you click on the picture, it will take you to an album that will allow you to see them better along with captions telling you what is happening in the photo. :)

I also have been given a few awards!!

I received not one but TWO of these!!  :)
One from my friend Jeri and the other from Jules.  Thanks so much to both of you for thinking of me!!
I told Jeri yesterday that my husband tells me all the time that I have an attitude and now I can tell him that it has earned me an award!!  LOL

I have to list 3 things about me: 
  • I throw the best Children birthday parties...if I do say so myself.  LOL
  • I CANNOT eat anything with bones in it.  Not chicken, fish or's just gross!!  Boneless only for me.  I love to eat meat, just can't "see" the bones.  LOL 
  • I taught my son sign language when he was an infant because I thought he was a "late talker" at 12 months old.  LOL   

Now I have to pass this along to 5 bloggers.  (This is the hardest part but I'm going to pick some teamies from Paper Sundae's )

Lastly I have to post this on my sidebar with a link to the Digi's with Attitude Challenge Blog.  Thanks again Jeri and Jules for choosing my blog and to Digi's with Attitude Blog too!!

The next award was from Lou

Thanks so much Lou.

I'm required to list 8 things about myself
Pass it on to 8 bloggers and let them know.

  •  I have a serious addiction to recipe magazines.  I find it very difficult to pass one up.  My resolution this year is to organize them and make recipe cards.
  • And playing off the last one... I LOVE organizing everything!!  
  • I don't drink coffee ~ a soda in the morning is my jolt of caffeine.
  • I'm a morning person and don't understand why everyone isn't happy when they wake up.  LOL
  • My dream vacation is a tour of Europe.  We're putting it off until the kids are a little older so hopefully we can do this in about 5 years.
  • I have a weakness for designer purses.  I just got a new one from Dooney & Bourke and it's giraffe print!!  It's super AWESOME!!
  • I just fed my son Mac n' Cheese for breakfast.  He said that's what he wanted and I couldn't come up with a good reason not to.  LOL
  • I LOVE Indian food.  My husband is Indian.  He was born in Guyana, South America but has lived in the states since he was 10 years old.  Everyone in this house goes crazy when Daddy makes Rotti and Dal for us.  So Yummy!
I'd like to pass this along to 

Thanks for stopping by!!  
Now go enjoy the rest of your day!!  LOL


Pattie said...

Thanks Wendy! Love to hear the little tidbits about you! Also lovin' the Christmas pics - expecially that Cookie Tester apron! They are so cute!

Fiona said...

thanks Wendy...your photos are lovely, the kids are beautiful and they look like they really enjoyed opening their pressies from Santa...


Paula (PEP) said...

Well - that was an interesting post - & yes I got through fine, it's just amazing to learn a bit more about a friend. I'm totally a night owl. Love your super fun ideas for the children & your stories about them - life in your house sounds interesting.
Much love
Paula (PEP)

Crystal said...

Thanks so much for the award Wendy! I loved seeing the photos of your little ones at Christmas, they are super adorable! I love the one where they are looking at each other, so cute! The little mailbox is such a great idea & wish my son was still little enough to enjoy something like that. I can just imagine the smiling faces of your little ones running to see what mail Santa brought them :)

Kerri said...

I love pretty much everything Pottery Barn, and I love your pics! Thanks for sharing, Wendy!

Kate said...

What lovely, lovely photos. Your children are PRECIOUS!! I could see the tops of the mailboxes in one of the photos.
I refuse to eat meat on the bones as well. I only buy boneless here too!

Denise Marzec said...

Oh I'm LOVIN' these chair backers from Pottery Barn and the idea of filling it each day for Valentine's. How FUN are you!!

FANTASTIC pics, too. Beautiful kiddos!

Caroline said...

Thank you Wendy for the award!! That is sooo awesome!! I love your pictures, especially the one of your daughter with the biggest laugh ever her brother atand the the one of her at the tree - PRICELESS!! Thanks for sharing a little more of you with us too! Hugs, :-)

Christine said...

Wendy, your kids are so adorable! Loved seeing all of the beautiful photos! So nice to have a glimpse inside your life :) That little chair backer is so cute, what a great idea!

Thanks so much for the blog award!

Anonymous said...

You are such a sweetie pie hun!! I thank you so much for this award!!

Thanks for sharing you lovely photos hun!! I adore them!! :) BIG HUGS

Anita said...

Wendy, I loved seeing the pics of your babies. OMGosh, they are just so adorable. Hug 'em while you can, hun, cause they grow up way too fast LOL!

Thanks so much for the award.

~Jeri~ said...

awww how I wish my kiddos were young again! I guess I can just sit and wait for grandkiddos lol I love those little backpacks and what a great and sweet idea with the daily mail. You're such an awesome mom!!

scrapn_momof2 said...

Adorable pictures Wendy. Your babes are just the cutest!!!

Thanks for thinking of me on the blog award. :)

In regards to the light tent. The light is shined through on the top, through the fabric. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions. Hubby made it look really easy to make.

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