Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's So Fluffy!

It's my turn to host a 7 Kids College Fund Challenge and I've chosen...
~ It's So FLUFFY!! ~
So lets see all those soft and fluffy elements like Felt, Suede, Flowersoft, etc...

I chose this challenge because Brooke and Nathan's (okay...mine too) favorite movie is Despicable Me.  (However, Brooke pronounces it...Pickle and Me - LOL) and our very favorite quote from the movie is when the little girl sees the giant stuffed unicorn and squeals/growls..."It's so FLUFFY, I'm gonna DIE"   I've even made it my phone's ring tone.  LOL

I chose to use Kraftin' Kimmie's Goldilocks since she's holding some sweet fluffy bears.  I kept the card fairly simple with a lattice border, chocolate pearls and a felt rose.  The DP is My Mind's Eye, Hattie.  Her hair was sooo much fun to color and I couldn't quit adding color so it ended up being a darker blonde than I had originally intended.  For sparkle on her dress and hairbows I used a clear Spica pen.


I apologize to everyone for not visiting your blogs and leaving some love.  I know how much your comments mean to me, so I feel bad when I haven't returned the favor.  Any resemblance to a schedule has simply gone out the window since summer has begun.  I've been doing things with the kids that I've been putting off and my husband and I are painting the exterior of our 2 story home ourselves!!  So I've just been plain exhausted and honestly a little burned out lately.  I plan to be reducing my DT commitments in the coming weeks and taking a much needed break.  I hope you all understand.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Chrissy said...

Oh! just watched that a hoot, I have to get it out on DVD and watch it love that
and I love your card, the hair is fantastic. .wow!! great colouring..

Amanda R said...

Great coloring Wendy! And be careful painting your house, no way would I be going up that high!

Kim O'Connell said...

Seriously? LOOK at the way you colored her hair! Makes me want to twirl her curls with my fingers. And the spica pen on the pattern aon her dress and hair bows! Seriously? Stop it. You're showing off again. It's SO obnoxious!

Anonymous said...

AWW!! Wendy, your card is so darling hun!! I love your coloring and design!! VERY SWEET!! :)

P.S. I've got all of those LOTV images!! WOW!! Thank you ever so much hun!! They are darling images!! Have a great weekend!! HUGS

Brandie said...

Love her and the colors are amazing as always. Hey we all need a break from our routines every now and again. So enjoy your break and I can't wait to see your new creative ideas when you get back to it feeling relaxed and refreshed!!!

Feebsy said...

Great card, I love the image and the way you've coloured her. The subtle sparkles are great. I have to say that the line from "Despicable Me" is one of my favourite quotes too. When I first saw the film on DVD I had to rewind it and listen to her say it again because it was so funny.


coldwaters2 said...

Hi Wendy no need to apologise as far as I am concerned I know that sometimes there are other things going on in life. I tell you what though this is one awesome card that image is absolutely beautiful especially with your colouring and the design is perfect I love it.
Lorraine x

Paula said...

No apologies needed - you just take care of yourself. Love the way the lattice border picks up the pattern of her skirt & I can feel the quilted effect of it. AS for the hair.....speechless..... doesn't even describe it. AMAZING. Love the bears & the way you've coloured them in different browns.
Much love
Paula (PEP)
PS - I'm persevering with the Copics for the moment.

Mary J said...

Honey- you look after yourself! It takes up a lot of time to blog and it can sometimes feel a bit of a pressure! Don't you worry about us - we just love it when you can see us!

GORGEOUS card - no fair that you have so much talent!!


~Jeri~ said...

ooooo I want to see that movie so bad!!! lol I love the animated movies like that. I keep saying I'm going to watch it and then something happens or I get outvoted on what movie we're going to see...but I will SEE it!!

I love your card!! Reminds me of Angelica off The Rugrats!! Love the papers!!!

Never apologize to me my friend, I know how life can get in the way, and your family comes before any DT, card or never feel ya have to say I'm sorry, to me at least! Now to go look up Pickle and me...everyones gone, so I just may watch it right now!

gobeagirl said...

Wendy this is just adorable! I can see where you would have fun coloring her locks of hair. Too cute! You have used some of my all time favorite paper and I really need to see about getting some more. I know what you mean about being to busy. I kind of feel that way myself lately. lol... Anyway, we haven't seen this movie yet, so thanks for the clip. We'll have to get it now. Kids really enjoyed it. Hope your painting goes good. That is a LOT of WORK! Take care and no worries about getting to our blogs, I think we all get that way sometimes. Hugs, Lisa

Wendy ten Hove said...

Hi Wendy!

I surely understand, no worries! Don't feel obliged to visit and comment all the time, just when you have time and when you don't have that right now, well... Other times will come, don't worry! Just enjoy the kids now and after the vacation, you will have some more me-time! I do looove your card! Ha ha, that hair is sooo much fun! Love it, and pretty use of glitters! Fun!

Hugs, Wendy

Faye said...

Hello Sugar. You know you are allowed to have a life outside of Blogland you know!
I think this is a fabby Fluffie card, super dupe image, reminds me of me!! ;)

Denise Marzec said...

Oh my gosh, I had to totally laugh at the title of your post and the reference to this line from that movie....we LOVE that line....and we say it so much. In fact, my daughter has it as her ringtone for one of her friends. Hehe! Awesome card....amazing coloring, as always, girlie!

Kate said...

What a fabulous card! The hair is fantastic! Thanks for the little video, too. I haven't seen that movie (or, gulp, even heard of it!). That's how crazy MY life is these days.
Wendy, I LOVE hearing from you but please don't ever feel you must drop by when you are busy. I completely understand as I've been up to my eyeballs in commitments lately. Blogging is meant to be fun and not a chore. :)
Enjoy the precious time you have with your family.

Kerri said...

She totally reminds me of my daughter with all of her stuffed animals! She could care less about dolls or barbies, but anything soft and stuffed and she has to have it LOL! Gorgeous coloring and adorable card, girlie:) I totally understand the need to take a break! I have been so busy, it's so hard to find time to sit down and blog hop! Enjoy your summer! We really need to get together sometime:)

Karen (Your Next Stamp) said...

OMG! I just had to tell you that I clicked on this post because of the title and after I read what you wrote I just had to tell you that I have that as my text message/ring tone too!!!! LOL!!! Brandon and I LOVE that movie and that little girl in the movie reminds me of myself! LOL I LOVE everything fuzzy and fluffy! CUTE!

Anonymous said...

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