Monday, April 12, 2010

My Husband RAWKS!!!!

Eddie Ramlakhan

And he's cute too!
My husband is the greatest, he really is. This man is an IT Geek who fixes network systems all day (whatever that means, LOL) but he can also build like nobody's business.

When we first moved into our new home almost 5 years ago, it was a 3 bedroom house with a huge loft area it's a 5 bedroom home with an office loft, and HE BUILT IT himself!!! He built my son's room when we found out that we were expecting and made me a dream office with this beautiful furniture right next to my son's new room.

Well, that didn't last long. When our son was 4 1/2 months old we were surprised with the news that we were expecting AGAIN!!! So my beautiful office became our daughters new bedroom, LOL! My husband knew how sad I was to give up my office and that I hadn't had much time to use or enjoy it; so he redesigned the ENTIRE upstairs to give me my own space. He took a HUGE 10x10 walk-in closet out of my step-daughters room, built her a new closet and added floor space over our open staircase. And it is AWESOME! He was even able to fit all of my furniture into this new space. Anyone who has ever seen our home always believes that this is how it has always been and not a remodel at all. That is just how finished and professional it looks. He is excellent!

So your probably thinking, "WOW, no wonder she's so excited, that's great!". Well you'd be wrong. It is great, it really is. He did all of that 2 years ago now and here is the sad thing...I never use it! Yep. Never. Why? Because I have toddlers, and they want to play downstairs. All of my supplies are upstairs, but I create downstairs at our formal dining room table. Upstairs is just not practical right now with a 2 & 3 year old. But what I've been doing just isn't practical either. I run up and down the stairs going for different supplies and leave what my husband calls "my junk" out on the dining room table for days and days.

So I convinced him to make me a new space. Neither of us wanted to make an "office" downstairs but I needed something. So he created this for me over the weekend.

Isn't FABULOUS!!!! I am so excited! I just keep looking in there and admiring everything. LOL It's like walking into a tiny scrapbook store. Everything is so organized and pretty. All of my stuff feels NEW! (Maybe if I can quit fawning over it I'll start using it)

This is the coat closet behind our front door.

It is PERFECT. Now, just so you know...all I did was show him all my "junk" and he built it to make a space for it all and decided how it should look. He did better than I could have organizing it all. I've actually NEVER been this organized.

He wasted no space. He even bought small shelves to put my stamps that I store in CD cases on. There's a hook that hold my ribbon organizer and he hung my Tonic cutter on the wall, and put my Cricut Cartridge organizer on small shelf too. I still will work at the dining room table, but all of my things have there own place and are within reach now. No more running upstairs because blue cardstock would be better to use than the green that I brought down. LOL

Everything I need, fits in here and he has ideas if/when I need more space. I just love it and I just LOVE HIM!!!!
Ok, off to try and get the little one's down for a nap and play with my new space.
Just wanted you to share in my excitement and to give my husband some LOVE on my blog!

Thanks for stopping by!


Brandie said...

okay this is awesome and I am going to use it for my space in my office I think it rocks and so does Eddie. He deserves the love for sure. Now I just need to show it to John. LOL! I am jealous as all get out enjoy your awesome space.

Kerri said...

That's awesome, Wendy!!! You are one lucky lady, and your new space totally rocks! Your hubby is a cutie:)

~Jeri~ said...

You're right...your husband RAWKS!!! lol I have had such a great time looking through your blog today, seeing projects that I hadn't seen before. Every time I see a new entry from you I always wonder what amazing space you must have, and now I get to see!! It's perfect! I love your space in the loft, but totally understand about having toddlers and such and need to be closer to them, but at least you have that space if you just want to sneak away late at night. The new space is fabulous as well...a apace for everything it looks like! How wonderful he is for coming up with such great ideas for you so that you can be with your lovely children and still craft.

Muffin said...

WOW!! Would you mind sending him to Sweden for a little while? ;D

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